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xpower Racing Team

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The xpower Racing Team

For those of you who want to take on the challenge of the Red Bull Romaniacs, the Sea to Sky or the Erzbergrodeo races, but may not be a hardened enduro competitor, then TCP Xpower is here for you.

If you think you are ready to compete in the Iron or Bronze class then being a part of our race team will offer the support and encouragement you need to get you through to the super-stardom that you hope to achieve!

We share an adventure team approach with all of our riders. Each stage of the race is followed the TCP xpower facebook, instagram, you tube as well as mentions in official race reports.

We will provide all the information you need about the race and we can answer any questions you may have.

We offer TCP Xpower enduro racing jerseys (20 EUR), pants and T shirts.

During the race we act as a team and we attract plenty of media attention.

It is free to enroll on the TCP Xpower race team but we do recommend that you purchase a jersey for recognition, which is sold at our cost of 20 EUR.

To register for the TCP Xpower Racing Team simply click on the link below and log-in like for an Enduro Tour. You will receive a confirmation with the value 0 €. When registering you can also order your Racing Enduro jersey. If you want to buy more jerseys/pants/T shirts then simply add them to your order.

A race is organized in three phases:

Phase 1 - before the race we inform you about the enrollment procedure, preparation, training, and what happens at the end of each race day

Phase 2 - during the race days we accompany you through the scrutineering, daily briefing, bike preparation and the start each day

Phase 3 - after the race we will exchange the individual and team experiences and hold photo shoots and celebrate each riders achievement.


Red Bull Sea to Sky - November 2015, March, April und November 2016 in Antalya

Red Bull Romaniacs - June und October 2016 in Sibiu

The training is completely free. Registration (booking for 0€) see below under dates.

You can book accommodation and motorbike at us. Send your inquiry for hotel and bike to Melanie and we will give you a quotation.

Xpower Racing Team members get the following advantages:

• Full info round the races and back ground infos at any time
• Media presence at the Races
• Photo shooting before and during the Races by Irina Gorodniakova at a special price (will be offered separately by Irina, contact her on Facebook)
• Xpower Race Shirt for 20 EUR
• 100€ voucher for Race Service Red Bull Romaniacs
• 100€ voucher for Race Service Red Bull Sea to Sky
• Free Trainings plan by Markus Obendorfer
• Free Enduro training for Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu
• Free Enduro training for Red Bull Sea to Sky in Antalya
• A for Race Team member exclusive €299 Enduro Tour following the free Enduro Training in Sibiu and Antalya

The important people in TCP Xpower Racing Team are:

Francois Poucet, from Guadeloupe, is the President of the race team. He is also our Local Agent for France.

Markus Obendorfer is our professional fitness coach, he is a strong enduro rider who targets enduro technique training specifically. Markus puts together a fitness program for riders before the Romaniacs and the Sea to Sky races and also provides training workouts in Sibiu and Antalya for the team.

Mickey manages the sign up, allocates the service team, ensures the bikes are always ready during the race and is always there for any problem solving.

Teo ISAC conducts the logistics in TCP Xpower and is responsible for everything related to spare parts, supply and transport.

Melanie Obermayr accepts your application for the racing team and manages your reservations for your race bike, race service, enduro jersey, pant and T shirt orders and everything else related to your race experience and support.

Download this info here.

Now you are ready, let's go race some hard enduro!



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